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Custom Facial Recognition Software for your SaaS, Apps, or Websites

Cutting edge facial recognition software built just for you. Detect and learn faces or facial features in images and real time video at enterprise level speeds.

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Facial Recognition Software Built Just For You.

See how our custom ai facial detection software can change your business

Integrates Easily Into Your Tools
Whether it's an app, website, camera system or more we build custom APIs that are easy to attach to your existing systems. All while being completely custom to your business.
Gain Insights Into New Analytics
Gather new data you never knew you could have. Monitor customer satisfaction, dissect public speakers, or improve video surveillance. The options are limitless
Incredibly Robust
It doesn't matter if you're monitoring from a distance, wearing a mask or makeup, or have low visibility. The tools we build use top of the industry models that always work.

Looking For A Solution That Works?

Let's talk about building a custom machine learning or ai solution