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Custom Built Computer Vision Based Software For Your Business

Cutting edge computer vision software built just for you. Check out our world class image processing and object recognition solutions that are changing industry norms forever.

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Multi-Object Recognition In Images & Video Feed

Identify multiple objects in images and videos to automate product tagging or product listing, or track moving objects in a live video feed in real time while collecting data like object speed, trajectory, and size.

Our state of the art object recognition algorithms are blazing fast and incredibly accurate (98.57%+), allowing you to instantly make real time decisions based on what you see. Feed this data into other models that allow you to deeply analyze what you see.

See how we built an image recognition model in one of the most difficult niches, and achieved 98.57% accuracy.

Custom OCR & Text Recognition For Documents & Labels

Capture important data and information from documents and product labels and process the data into meaningful info in seconds, automating out countless hours manually scanning and reading. Use incredible text recognition models to summarize and understand pages from any amount of information.

Looking for something like this? Let's talk about a solution.

Automate Inventory Management & Backend Systems

Automate all processes of inventory management & SKU processing for warehouses or retail business using OCR & object recognition. From processing data straight off labels or using image recognition to recognize different SKUs, to data capturing and extraction to backend systems.

Check out our case study to see how we used these very same tools to automate out 22.4% of a companies entire workflow.

Facial Recognition & Feature Analysis In Images & Live Videos

Identify people in groups or alone, regardless of facial coverings, low lighting, or poor quality. Whether it's an image or live video, detect facial features and compare them to millions of faces.

Learn complex facial features and emotions and use facial movement analysis to monitor customers and employees and understand customer satisfaction. Check out our full facial recognition services below.

How This Makes You More Money

Automate The Workflow
Automate manual processes & tasks that take time and cost money. We integrate with any device or system you need.
Serious Cost Reduction
Optimize out 1000's of hours per year by optimizing expensive business practices costing you money.
Higher Accuracy Than Humans
Our tools remove human error with models that achieve 99.4%+ accuracy. Build better products and reduce mistakes.
Easy Integration and Use
Our algorithms and models ingrate with just a few lines of code into any language or system you use.
Collect Insane ROI Data
Collect data and information your competition didn't even know existed. See why computer vision data is incredibly valuable.
Improve Existing Software
Make apps and SaaS platforms smarter by incorporating new tools for users or employees to use.

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