How We increased JDM Garages' Advertiser Revenue by 36% and Increased Engagement by 58.79% in just One Month

Matt Payne
February 19, 2022
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Our newest client, JDM Garages, a social media brand with over 100k followers, partnered with us to build a deep data analytics platform to help them give advertisers better results, and ultimately increase their revenue.

JDM Garages understands that targeting higher-quality audiences is the best way to grow on social media and produce solid results for advertisers. We partnered to help them understand where there target demographic was interacting (hashtags/explore page), what they want to see, and when they want to see it. All in one simple platform.

Our Solution: Scalr.ai built a custom data prediction and understanding platform using deep learning techniques to allow JDM to target better audiences for them and their clients. Our software came with a real-time user interface that is flexible to new data points to improve prediction models and change for different advertisers.

Results: - JDM saw a 36% increase in revenue from advertisers in the following month while using our software. Along with that there page's engagement increased by 58.79%.